concentrates on a great online video slot, with the best bonus game I have ever experienced!
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How to play Dead or Alive slot game?

How to play slots? | Game symbols | Winning Structure | The bonus Round game

How to play slot games?

If you have never experienced slot games before I give you a quick lesson on how to start it: Most slots games have the same rules, you need to collect at least 3 same symbols on one pay bet line. Some symbol pays more some less, every bandit machine has a payable instruction so you may check it which symbols pay for what price.

Dead or Alive Game Symbols

scatter symbolwild wantedsheriff badgecowboy bootscowboy hatgun holsterwhiskey shotjackkingqueenten

Winning Structure

dead or alive 4 sheriff badgesYou get paid if at least 3 the same symbols appear on one pay bet line. It always counts from left reel to right.

For example if the machine comes up with 3 Sheriff Badge on one bet line counting from left to right, you receive 20 coins. If there will be 4 Sheriff Badge you get 125 coins.

There is only one exception for this rule, and that's for the scatter symbol (colt 45 six shooter). If you are awarded with 2 Scatter symbols on ANY 5 reels, you win double price of your spin stake. If you get 3 Scatters you get 4 times the stake plus a 12 Free Spins bonus round game, 4 Scatters means 25 multiple your stake and the maximum can be amazing 2500 times of your stake!

(You can also set up 4 different bet levels, for first level you can win normal amount of coins, for a second level get twice as much coins and so on. Of course when setting a different higher level you bet more money as well. On the picture, the bet level is set up as 2, so for 4 sheriff badges the winning is 250 coins instead of standard 125).


PAYTABLE for each symbol

3 symbols pays
4 symbols pays
5 symbols pays
scatter Scatter Symbol - 2x 45 Colt Shooters 4x your stake
+ 12 Free Spins in Bonus game round
25x your stake
+ 12 Free Spins in Bonus game round
2500x your stake
+ 12 Free Spins in Bonus game round
sheriff Sheriff Badge 20 coins 125 coins 1000 coins
gun holster Gun Holster 20 coins 100 coins 750 coins
cowboy hat Cowboy hat 15 coins 75 coins 400 coins
cowboy boots Cowboy boots 12 coins 60 coins 300 coins
whiskey shot whiskey Shot 10 coins 50 coins 200 coins
ace Ace 10 coins 20 coins 100 coins
king King 5 coins 15 coins 75 coins
queen Queen 4 coins 12 coins 50 coins
Jack Jack 2 coins 10 coins 40 coinis
ten Ten 2 coins 10 coins 25 coins


The Bonus Round Game - 12 free spins

and it comes to the game I love the most!
To get to the bonus round game you need to receive 3 Scatter symbols located anywhere on any 5 reels. So if you see any 3 scatters on screen you get the free 12 spins.

Then you move to the bonus game, you notice this with a little different graphics on machine, more reddish design. 12 Spins activate automatically. All wins during the 12 free spins are doubled, so for example you hit 4 Guns and Holster from left to right, normally you could receive 100 coins, in the bonus round you get 200 coins.

The most lovely part of this bonus game are the Sticky WILD symbols. As you know Wild symbol substitutes every symbol from the game (except the Scatter symbols). In bonus round not only they substitute any symbols but remains till your last free spin. So in very luck you can get few Sticky WILD symbols and can win lot of cash! like I did in my 3 biggest winning in my life! You can see the screens below, with 2 bonus rounds I won over 15000 Euro, and my stake spin was only 1.80 Euro.winning 5 free spins extra


After hitting 5 sticky symbols located on every reel, wins another 5 free spins.


After you complete all free spins round you are returned to the regular game and all your bonus round wins are added to your win total.

dead or alive bonus round game and winning 8080 euro
This is my the biggest winning ever! On the bonus round spins I won over 8080 Euro, as You can see 8 Sticky WILD symbols activeted and one payline reel completely covered with those stickies which with every another free spin gave me 3000 coins extra!